In need of some encouragement! (Long)


Our baby boy did great gaining weight in his first month (+700g from birth weight). Since then, though, he’s slowed down considerably. We were seen by a lactation consultant the week after he was born and everything was just fine. I made an appointment this week and the consultant told me to start offering each breast twice during every feeding, which makes for 30-40min feedings which is so long. I’ve tried doing that so far but he’ll only eat twice on each side maybe 50% of the time and the second round only lasts a few minutes on each side. Plus, baby can get fussy at the breast from time to time (especially in the evenings), crying, pulling off, etc. So I don’t know if he’s frustrated with the flow, or not wanting to eat, or just wanting to suck and not wanting milk (but we’re supposed to avoid the pacifier until his weight is on track again...), or just tired, or something else and then I get worried that if I stop trying to nurse that he won’t get enough milk or something. It’s making me feel guilty because I’m his only food source and it’s like I’m failing??

We’re seeing the pediatrician on Monday to follow up and he’s supposed to have gained 30g/day by then or... I don’t know what they’ll offer to do!

I’d really like to continue to exclusively breastfeed but I hate pumping... plus the return to work soon (Jan 10) is stressing me out which I’m sure doesn’t help!