Once again symptom spotting



I just need to vent cuz i cant talk bout this to anyone...

So this time they are slightly different.

2days late as of today.

This time they are slightly different Nd not crazy.

Usually my PMS symptoms are telling of whats to come


This time its only a couple and not as harsh and different.

-slight nausea, i havent had an appetite, and usually i am grubbing dowwwwn even with nausea😜cramps,gassy feeling(like kinda full tummy but not, and it feels alil fluttery)

CM-white creamy, lasy week i was peeing a lot! And it seemed like i couldnt hold it as long as i usually can(i know not good but only when necessary)

oh my complexion is getting a lil dark patchiness on my face

And of course missed period.

But i have been a lil stressed lately.

So Idk if its all in my head like alwayz.