PLEASE READ: Fussy only during feedings


Okay somehow my post messed up and none of my text showed up!! So trying again. Lol. Bare with me Bc it’s a long one but I desolately need advice or some insight ladies!

So my little man is 8 weeks. We started him on gentle ease when he was born and he did well on it. We ended up switching to reguline Bc he was having some constipation issues. That was around a week old I think. On the reguline, the constipation corrected but he began projectile vomiting. Pedi assumed reflux and we switched to nutramagin. The vomiting stopped but he is now fussing and fighting through every bottle. Y’all it’s excessive. It’s been 2-3 weeks of this and it’s every bottle at this point. It’s dreadful!! He ends up kicking and waving his little arms and even scratching me in the face Bc he’s moving and fighting so much while trying to eat. He cries and grunts as well so I end up moving the bottle (Bc he’s in so much visible discomfort at this point). I try to burp, confront him, or give paci but he screams and screams as if begging to eat. So I offer the bottle back and he immediately pulls it and sucks Bc he truly is hungry. But about 30 seconds later the cycle starts all over again with the crying and kicking and throwing his arms around. It’s so miserable to watch and I’m just at a loss at this point on what even to do or what’s even going on. He was put on Zantac and nexium Bc pedi was thinking silent reflux but it’s been about a week and no sign of relief. We even tried different bottles y’all. Idk what to even think anymore. Is it even reflux? Can reflux start later on like this Bc he had none of these symptoms until around 6w. Could it be the formula Bc fighting has only happened on the nutramagin but it’s only occurring during feeding times. Maybe I should try to switch back to gentle ease? I would think if the formula was the reason, he would show signs of discomfort throughout the day not just while feeding. But if it’s reflux, how in the heck are the meds not budging it!! Im obviously calling my pedi bck tm for her input but I just wanted to see if anyone has gone through this and it doesn’t hurt to get suggestions. I just thank the Lord that he sleeps all night Bc daytime is exhausting and I’m going bck to work Jan 2 so I pray we can figure this out by then.

If you made it this far, I truly do thank you and ur input is appreciated