Putting off TTC for bff wedding?

My best friend is getting married next October out of state. My husband and I have been TTC for the past three months hoping we could get pregnant and have a baby with enough time before the wedding. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any luck and now we are in a position where I must decide if we should keep TTC or put it off for 3-4 months so I can attend my BFFs wedding. I would be so sad to miss the wedding - she is a best friend of over a decade - but my husband and I are worried about putting off TTC for 3-4 months. We are ready now and after 3 months with no success are worried that we may just be delaying a possible infertility diagnosis by waiting to start TTC again (I.e. we may not get pregnant in the next 3-4 mos and if we waited, we’d have to try for another 3-4 mos to discover a possible issue).

We are 29 and always wanted to have our first before 30, which is unlikely at this point.

If you were in our position, what would you do? Wait 3-4 months? Or keep ttc and possibly miss the wedding?