(So many spelling errors I’m not fixing sorry, and it takes a while but please read and help me out I don’t want to make a fool of my self)

Sooo like most high school crushes it started out in history class. This really cute guy named james sat in my table it was me him two of his friends and my friend and this other girl. We sat there for about two weeks. During that time the boys made jokes about stuff that isn’t funny but they think is funny ( you know what I mean ) like hitler and feminism is a joke and you know the typical high school jokes (so I thought).

Fast forward two weeks we take our test ( half if it was on feminism ironic right, should of heard the jokes they made) and we got a new table chart. This time it was my crush james, one of his friends from the old table and me of course. Now what I didn’t tell you was during that last week I started to realize I was being bitchy to them, one of the reasons was that they made jokes about stuff that wasn’t funny and the other was that I like james. I usually act like I’m not interested in a guy when I like them and I go all bitchy. Now 3 days ago I was sitting in our table and my teacher says to go sit with other tables with your friends for mid term review. I do so and when I get up he says “ Awh are you leaving” and I say “ yes I’m sorry” ( now remember now I know I like him and I have a feeling that he likes me too because of things I have picked up that I’ll tell you about) and we said some other stuff I don’t really remember but pretty I left the table with a feeling he was disappointed that I was leaving ( or he was just joking sense earlier on I had like bitchy sarcastic modes and now there still there but there like more chill I laugh more yeah cool).

Anyways we were doing a white board review I didn’t have an eraser( I could have used my hands) but I went to my original table were he was still sitting with new people now and I took the white board eraser. And HE SAYS “ are you taking the kids from me now” and I “ yeah I am sorry” and left while laughing. Later he went over there and took the eraser and said “ I’m taking the kids back gabby” and I just looked at him like really but as a joke that he got. I really didn’t care about the eraser I just wanted to be able to talk to him more. So now his at his table I’m at mine and I “need” the eraser. So I go there I take it while he wasn’t looking and his friend says something and he looks back and I smile and he says “ are you taking the kids” and I say I am taking the kids. ( IF YOURE STILL HERE YOUREA TRUE QUEEN)

Anyways 5 minutes go by and I hear some convo from his table that went a little like this “ haha the poor kids” and “ chicken noodles” now for people that know me you would I have super super curly hair kinda looks like noodles ( you picking up what I’m saying here). NOW this part probably didn’t happen my head is probably playing games with me but I thought I heard him say “ okay no stop” to the guy that said the noodles joke. Now I don’t know if this was about me or not or whatever but like my hair looks like noodles. Some other stuff that isn’t that long that has happened. He asked me for a pen and has kept it the WHOLE time (2 months) now I know he probably doesn’t have pencils and pens which is why he asked for one but his a boy like how did he not lose it by now. I also gave him another one that he still has because he thought the other one was running low. ( I know it’s the same pens because there like this special kind. I don’t remember but we got into a conversation about him being crazy but than he said “ but I’m a nice guy right” and I said yes and then it was awkward for like 2 seconds and then him and his friends were talking.

I was drawing on my notebook a flower and he wrote on my paper and said “nice” now I know big deal but that means he noticed what I was doing. His really tall and can’t fit in his table like a normal person so he lays back on his chair and spread his Legs and once in a while his feet touch mine and I look at him like really as a joke and he once ( he said it more than once but he only said it once about his legs) said “woman” ( now he knows I’m feminist and they liked to pick on me as a joke about it) and he knows how I feel about it so he looks at and smiles and I’m just like omfg I want to kill you, you’re so annoying but so cute at the same time. And there’s so many other things that I once in a while remember but it’s not rlly important.

Question I need answered plsss help: does he like me or he just joking around because he still thinks I hate him from earlier when I was like kinda of bitchy. And if not what do you think is going on. Is it all just me making it up cuz I like him and is he really just joking around thinking that I still kinda hate him but kinda not. And how do I send him the vibe that I like him? Thank you if you read all of that. I would love to know your thoughts.