Please read blood pressure help.


Any one here clued up on BP?? I'm 37weeks now and woke this morning and noticed my nose was bleeding which is very unlike me don't think I have ever had a nose bleed.

Took my BP at 9am it was 130/117 thought monitor could be faulty as the bottom number seemed way too high.

Took again ten mins later it dropped to 127/109. Still high bottom number.

Left it an hour and it's come down to 128/86 which seems more normal but my normal range is around 98/65 too 100/70 but it's veen going up slightly at every midwife appointment.

Dont really want to be pestering midwife yet as unsure if that's a odd reading. I'm not really clued up with BP thought that if your top number was high then it was a reason to be concerned but not the bottom. Any advice before I contact midwife would be appreciated.