professional photos taken and STILL no photos


we had family photos taken on Nov. 4th. and the photographer said they will be ready in 3 weeks "at the latest".

I messaged her at the end of week 3 thinking something was wrong because I haven't seen them yet. she said something about her children being sick and sorry...

I then messaged her the week after that (last weekend) and asked when she thinks they will be done and to let me know if there were any issues. she said no issues, they will be ready for sure "this week"...that Was last week!

nothing STILL. she cashed are check already also. a few of my fb friends(friends from high school) had their photos done by the same photographer so I know she is legit, hence why I gave her a check already.

what should I message her a 3rd time? I'm not sure how to word it without sounding like a bitch, that's completely not me! I want to be respectful still.**update.. received them today! posted in a new post!