Am i 5 or 9 weeks pregnant?


First time mum looking for some advice!!

So...this is going to be a long ramble I'm afraid!

I stopped taking my pill on the 15th October, and then had my period as normal 17th-20th...

For some random reason I decided to take a pregnancy test on the 5th November and I got a BFP! However when I took one the next day it came back negative.

I then bled from 12th-16th November.

I took a pregnancy test on the 11th December and have had 4 positive clearblue came back as conceiving 5+ weeks ago which would date to at least the 6th November...

so I saw my midwife today and she isn't sure whether I had a chemical pregnancy, so I don't know if I'm 5 or 9 weeks along!

My gut tells me 9, but I'm so confused.

I've been exhausted for what feels like forever!

Can anyone attempt to give me some insight? Or is it just going to be a waiting game until my scan (17th Jan)?