My boyfriends mother is crazy.

My bf just recently got two jobs after his parents drained him from ALL his money and his car. They had a “business” that didn’t work but were too lazy to go out and get jobs when it wasn’t. Therefore, they kept “borrowing” money from my bf. My bf even bought a used car and they had him sell it so they can use the money. I was so over it. Things got better and now both his parents have jobs and work all the time! My bf blew up on me the other day saying that everyone wants them him to buy them stuff. I asked what he meant and he said his mom wants him to buy presents for his brothers. I told him he’s not obligated to buy all their presents, as his parents have jobs and he calmed down a bit. I always go on my bf’s phone (we use each others like our own) and I saw a message from his mom that literally asked him if he could buy his brother an expensive jacket for Christmas. I am so mad and now I know why he is. They literally think they can take his money again. My bf has needed new workout shoes as well and at the time didn’t have much money to buy them. So I bought them for him for Christmas. He ended up just wearing them early because his feet hurt during workouts. His parents were surprised because they’ve been telling him to buy new shoes. He told them I bought them for him and all they could say was thanks and that’s it. I’m so pissed. They’re horrible. I know they have money they just don’t want to spend any of theirs. We’re both 22 and hoping to move out soon. These people stress me out and I don’t know what to do about it. And the thing is my bf will let them do that to him which is frustrating. I try to tell him but he doesn’t always see it. Oh and btw if he says “no” to his parents they make him feel like crap and his mom will yell at him. They’re so abusive but Idk.