Crush advice please ladies!💚

So... I have a crush on this guy I work with, he's very sweet but also very shy. Which unfortunately, I am too. I find it difficult to say more than a few words to him even though I do desperately want to talk to him.

Anyway, he bought me a Christmas present and a card which he wrote a really sweet message in. We work in a school and we're the two youngest staff there and he said how much I'd helped the children etc. He wrote more words in that card than we've ever exchanged irl 😂 also, he didnt directly give it to me either, he got one of the kids to come give them to me while i was on lunch duty 😂 to my knowledge, he did not give anybody else a gift, even though he works closer with other people. Am I over thinking things or is this something? I need your help please!

With Love,

An inexperienced shy girl.