Who to have in the delivery room

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So earlier I asked my So if it was important to him if his mom is in the delivery room he said no he doesn't care and that it's up to me. So I told him I really didn't want anyone in the room other then him and my step mom he said okay that's fine but don't you think that will hurt your real mom's feeling. The only thing I could think of was don't you think it hurt my feelings when she left me alone with a stranger and never came back. My grandma ended up picking me up and I lived with her for 2 years until my dad was ready to be a dad. My step mom has been there for me since I was 10 I'm almost 21 and my real mom has just shown back up. I just fell uncomfortable around her and don't think she deserves to see her grandchild being born. (Btw there are a million other bad things that she has done to me and others not just that.)