Trigger warning


So it’s taking a lot for me to post this in here.

Fair warning this is a very positive trigger warning kind of post for sure.

So I may sound totally stupid or may actually be totally dumb. But I suffered a miscarriage on 12/3/18 and me and my SO had sex on 12/7/18 and a few days later I had bleed for a few hours then nothing and I’m totally aware that could still be aftermath from the miscarriage. Anyways I’ve been getting waves of nausea the past couple of days and for whatever reason I decided to take a pregnancy test and there’s a very faint line. If I ovulated the day we had sex this would be 10dpo. I guess where I’m going with this what’s the likely hood of this being a new pregnancy or just still the miscarriage? I’m for sure not getting my hopes up. But has anyone been through this ?