Signs you’re not pregnant. Help lol


Are there any signs you aren’t pregnant? Like pms vs pregnancy. I missed my period last month, now 33 days late, I was under a lot of stress from work during that time. These days I’ve been feeling like I’m going to start my period finally. I had protected sex last month and made sure afterwards condom didn’t break.

Lately having lil bit of acne, cramping for about a week and half maybe and it’s feeling worse, more bowel movements, craving sweets fatty foods and spicy foods, kinda cranky annoyed feeling as well as feeling emotional and horny haha. Usually these are my signs of a period lol. I have only been late once and it was also bc of work lol.

I read about the darkening of areolas and mine haven’t changed. My nipples hurt for a couple days about two ish weeks ago and some constipation. Assumed it was ovulation also because of my discharge.

I know a lot of y’all would say to take a pregnancy test but my anxiety skyrockets when I see them lol and I live at home with strict Latino parents 😂

I’ve also never gotten pregnant using a condom before. I’m just feeling worried. Be nice please

I almost forgot to mention I have been taking medication for my depression and anxiety and it was helping my periods become regular. Around the time I was stressing I had stopped taking it so I wonder if that could’ve affected me too??