Birth Story


Today was my due date, but Memphis had other plans. On Wednesday 12/12/18 my water broke at 1:30 while I was at work. I called my husband to let him know, and before I could tell him to meet me at the house he hung up and was in his truck. I drove myself to the house, and got the last minute items we needed so they could be loaded in the Jeep when hubby got home. He picked our three year old up, loaded the Jeep and we were on our way. Got to the hospital at 3:00, only dilated to 2cm. They started pitocin since there is only a 24 hour window before possible infection. Got an epidural around 9 just so I could relax and dilate past 4cm. I still felt every contraction. My OB noticed my blood pressure skyrocket, so she called him back to redo it. He tried talking me out of it by saying it just doesn’t stick with some women. I know I’m not one of them because I had one with my oldest. I finally got a little bit of sleep! 7am the next morning and I was only 7cm. At one point I was bleeding so badly they didn’t know if it was my cervix changing or my placenta. I had an amnio infusion since my fluid was dangerously low. Finally dilated to 10 a little after 8am. My OB came rushing in around 8:30 and made pushing very urgent. My sons heart rate dropped to 68. After 3 pushes Memphis Everett was born at 8:40am on 12/13/2018. He was 6lbs 10oz, 20.5 inches long.