Prenatal appointment scare 😩

Rhianna • Bay Area 🌁 || 20 years young || engaged 💍 || Mommy to Mateo Antonio Almendarez

Yesterday I had my anatomy scan and I found out I'm having a baby boy. I had a prenatal appointment today and the doctor said I have high blood pressure and he asked if I've been getting headaches. I've been getting headaches for the past two to three weeks really bad like someone put thousand rubber bands on my head and it's just been squeezing it he told me if it continues to happen and they last more than a day to call Labor and Delivery because I'm at risk of preeclampsia. He also told me I'm weighing in at 152 losing weight ever since I became pregnant and that I need to be at least 15 to 20 pounds heavier than what I am now I'm just sitting here worried for myself more than my baby because I know he's healthy and chunky. I try to eat little small meals and all I do is vomit a lot so he told me to start eating small junky meals like soda and candy every 2 hours so here I am stuffing my face with Sour Patch candies and dr. Pepper soda.