Ex VS new potential


I could really do with advice. 6 months ago my boyfriend broke off our relationship and during this break up all he has done is kiss other girls, meet up with other girls etc. This has obviously made me feel rubbish because I did not want to end the relationship (I must add that he broke up with me because he said he wasn’t being a good boyfriend but I insisted he was🤔) recently I’ve got speaking to a boy who actually turns out to be one of his old friends. This new boy is so lovely, handsome, family orientated etc. However, recently my ex has been trying to get in the picture again messaging me saying he ‘wants to see me soon’ and that we should go for a nandos. I obviously feel so weak when he speaks to me because I’m still infatuated but I can’t help but feel guilty to the new boy I’m talking to as he was talking about going out for a meal aswell. What do I do?!