I can’t believe this.

✨ Nicola • Twenty Three 🌙 Girl Gamer 🎮 Everything in life happens for a reason.

I’m so, so incredibly grateful. When I took a test at 7am, I definitely didn’t expect to see a second line. I wanted to cry.

I’ve suffered with PCOS since I was a teenager— literally went from having no periods to having a regular 28/29 day cycle.

Doctors will be getting called on Monday for blood work. Hopefully this is a sticky bean(considering I’ve missed my period, I would say it is) 🤞


And to those who are still TTC with PCOS, my number one tip is be patient. It took me & my SO an entire year(this month marks it). It WILL take longer. You’ll go through so many ups and downs but it’s worth it when you see lines like these for the first time. 😊