Sad. Advice please

So... I’m sad. I’m feeling very out of it this morning. My SO whom I’ve been with for almost 8 years is sexually frustrated.

After I had my son last year, (he’s almost 2) I’ve felt off. My sex drive sucks. I hate getting in sexy outfits cause I don’t feel good.. even though I’m not bad looking I just don’t feel sexy enough to put it on and walk out to my boyfriend. I push him away when he tries to cuddle me at night. (I’m half asleep so that may be why too) but idk what it is! It really feels like my sex drive. I’m only 23 so this is a big deal for me. He feels like were old people and it makes me want to cry!

We got in a big argument this morning because he tried to have sex this morning and I just wasnt feeling it. He has a very high sex drive, and could have sex over and over again.

He got super upset with me and brought up my past sex relationships and how I was so quick to make those happen. I don’t like talking about my past because I was a stupid teenager and grew up with no parents so I was never taught the right way to make relationships.

It honestly really sucked and I’ve been crying and angry cleaning. :(

I’ve started taking the Maca root capsules which I’m also curious how much I should be taking as well. I have the 500 mg dosage.

But anyways i have been trying.. I have been taking vitamins to feel myself again. I have been trying to do myself up more to get my confidence back. It’s so hard and so defeating when your SO says they feel like there being pushed away..

I’m not trying to do this to him. I love him with all my heart and couldn’t picture myself with anyone but him.

I have sexy lingerie, I have toys, but what else could I be doing? Should I go to the doctor ? Ugh 😑 I’ll be angry cleaning hoping for some advice from you ladies. Thanks for taking the time to read!