Sad, first pregnancy gone :(


Yesterday I was 5w6d and spent the whole night before awake with cramping. Had a little brown spotting 3 times that worried me but knew it’s common- so decided to call and see if I should come in or not (I was honestly hoping they would say yes so I could get a sneak peek at my nugget 2 weeks before my 1st scheduled appointment- not really worrying that anything was wrong)

Ultrasound person explained that we may see heart beat because 6 weeks was the next day but that we most likely wouldn’t. Well she had a hard time finding it and then found just a little dot and was like could your math be off? Your only 4 weeks, no way your 6. I confirmed dates and my ovulation test dates :(. Met with midwife who was the nicest person ever and she explained that it’s not necessarily bad news yet but to start mentally preparing it could be, ordered some blood tests and basically it’s just a waiting game for 2 weeks till another ultrasound.

Got home and the cramping, bright&dark red blood and clotting started and now 24hrs later it hasn’t stopped :( got some blood work today and go again Monday but I’ve bleed so much and so many clots I know it wasn’t meant to be this time.

We just told our families on xmas <a href="">eve</a> and were so happy and excited. We were so lucky to get pregnant our first month trying and then the worst happened :( so many emotions now.

I haven’t even talked with the midwife yet and told her about all the clots and bleeding, just the nurse who said I’m fine to let it pass at home unless it gets horrible.

I don’t know really anything about the process after a miscarriage. How long the healing is, wait to try again etc but guess I’ll be doing some reading these next few days while I’m healing.