CW: body fluid - Can you guys please help me?

I am so embarrassed to be posting this, which is why I made myself anonymous. I never get discharge like this close to my period. Is it possible that this may be leukorrhea? It doesn’t necessarily have a “lotion” texture, but it is smooth and soft. I am usually bone dry up until the day of my period.

I am currently nine DPO, and my period is due on January 3rd. I have taken two pregnancy tests, and they were stark negatives. Of course, I would expect them to be; seeing that implantation usually occurs on this day- day nine. I just get overly anxious/excited.

As far as symptoms go:

-Extreme fatigue

-Slight nausea/dizziness

-Nighttime hunger

-Crazy emotions (frustrated one minute, sad the next)

-Occasional lower one-sided abdominal cramps, accompanied by lower back pain on the side of abdominal cramps


- I have NOT experienced ANY breast tenderness/changes.

I am well aware that these can be PMS symptoms, but they can also possibly be early pregnancy symptoms.

I am definitely wishing to be pregnant. I know my odds are slim to none because I only got to have intercourse once this cycle, three days before ovulation. However, I know that it only takes one sperm, one time.

I sincerely apologize if this is disgusting and/or off putting. I did not know who else to ask. Thank you sweet ladies so much for any input. God bless my friends.