Pregnant again.

My so and I just found out I'm pregnant again. ❤ we're both excited and hoping for a girl, we have an almost 10 month old boy so they'll be close in age and that's something we love. I guess I'm just looking for young moms that have more than one kid. I'm 19, 20 in August, he'll be 22 this year, he has a great job, I have a job I love, we have our own house with enough room for all of us. I am worried about what my family will think, they're definitely judgy people, and having 2 kids before 21 is for sure frowned upon. It's not like we ask for help from them, we dont need it. I'm just worried they'll look at me like I'm doing everything wrong, I'm worried random people I pass when I'm out will look at us badly, when I was pregnant with my son we had some problems with family not thinking it was right. I'm also for sure scared of having a toodler on top of a newborn baby. 😂 I'm so excited though❤ if any younger moms have advice I'd appreciate it.