Horrible C-Section


So my husband and I had a planned C-Section and we went in at 7am to get ready for our surgery at 930am. We got set up I went in and met my anesthesiologist she did her thing and I was laying down and waiting to meet my little pumpkin. That’s when things went all bad I was having panic attack just being scared of not being able to move and it taking so long was freaking me out (mind you this was my second C-Section) anyway they get my babygirl out and they couldn’t get her to breath all the while I hear my doctor whispering to another doctor about me bleeding a lot and then they tell my husband he has to leave the room because something is happening. I start freaking out even more and they gave me medication to calm down, the doctor comes over to me and explains to me that the placenta has attached to my uterus and they can’t get it all out and I’m losing lots of blood. They didn’t want to leave the rest of the placenta in there knowing I can have bad hemorrhaging if they do that. That I should let them take out my uterus but by doing that I can’t have anymore kids. I was freaking out as it was and I told them to take it out and get it over with! Right before they put me to sleep they finally got my baby to breath and I was so scared to not being able to met my daughter at all they bring her to me and lay her on my face. They tell me to talk to her and tell her whatever I want. At this point I thought I wasn’t ever going to see my kids again and all I did was kiss her and told her how much I loved her. They took her away and put me to sleep. 5 hours later I woke up too my husband and baby right there beside me. I was out of it but I knew I made it. With two blood transfusions later I was back and I have my little family thanks to my doctors and my god who was watching over me. It wasn’t the day we expected I’ll tell you that!!!