Am I in the wrong?


Ok so I decided to text a male friend who is like family to me for his sister’s number who is also my friend/fam but what was said after that was “wyd” “chilling with my bf” “oh u bold texting another guy in his face” “its not even like that. Ttyl tho” and my bf read it later while i was sleep and he got upset but acted like everything was ok till we were on the way to his house. He feel like i was hiding and dont care about what we have but that’s definitely not the case at all. The friend replied later so i didn’t realize it was late in the day so when i did realize i said ttyl so i will admit that it was too late to be texting the guy. I tried to explain to him that HE IS LIKE FAMILY TO ME like tf? The convo wasn’t really about nothing but let me know if I’m in the wrong.