Birthday ruined, am i over exagerating?


Okay so i just wanted to rant about this, for my birthday this year i had got the money to go out shopping with my friends. We were all down with it and we met up.

It was cool and things were going well, we had cafe and then went out for clothes shopping. THIS IS WHERE IT REALLY FUCKING BUGS ME.

okay so my friend, we will call her Jane for now okay so Jane is a really good friend of mine but i was really dissapointed when she sort of run the show, picking which shops we went in, excluding me from conversation and even leaving me on my own and taking my other friends off with her for about half an hour until she finally calls me.

I just want to go home at this point but im down to still hang out i just don't feel like shopping anymore because im worried she will do this again. So we go back to my other friends house and just chat upstairs and now she wont stop talking about how her birthday is in a few weeks time, no matter what subject the rest of us are talking about.

So i go home after this and just put my phone on silent for the rest of the day and relax.

Am i wrong for being annoyed?