Sick 3 year old

I just got home today with my two day old baby. My 3 year old had a deep cough that grandma said had gotten worse, so I kept asking my daughter to not breath or cough on the baby. However, that is hard for a 3 year old to do who has been looking forward to the new baby forever! Then to ight when she went to bed, she woke up coughing and complaining of being sick and having pain in her leg and head too. Her temp was then 101.6. Now I'm freaking out that she could have influenza and was around the new baby. I currently told my husband that we need to divide and he needs to help my daughter throughout the night and I take baby. However, I now have a screaming 3 year old wanting mommy (and rightfully so, as I've been in the hospital the past two nights too). How would you juggle this? Not to mention the recovery of having a baby and that breastfeeding is a challenge. I feel caught. And then there are the hormones and the fears😭