I just posted a poll about feeling overwhelmed by visitors. I wanted to add that im very concerned about this! I have family that i never see and they never check up on me.. but that will probably show up just because they believe "its the right thing to do"... they can take that and shove it up their ass because id rather them not come at all. I have a big family.. i dont mind if some visit... i just dont want ALL OF THEM as soon as i push her out. Does anyone know how the hospital does it? I know they take your baby out of the room temporarily. Do they ask you if youre ready for visitors or how does it usually go afterwards?

I also have problems with my family members not understanding boundaries. Im a bit concerned about how my mom is going to behave when i give birth. I told her she could be in the room but her behavior during my pregnancy has been ridiculous with "my baby" this and "my baby" that. She's excited, i get it.. but its not her baby and i dont want her stepping over my husband to hold our baby. Which i could see her doing.

My grandma also frequently just stops by as is and doesnt call. When she does call its like 7am or in other weird times and im usually asleep😭😭.. if i dont answer she keeps calling over and over until i do.. she will text me and even have my cousin try to call me or text me. i guarantee this wont stop. Ill need my sleep when im able to get it and i really dont want visitors in my home while im learning to breastfeed and trying to recover. I HATE when people stop by. Would it be rude to leave a note on the door that explains that i wont be answering the door if im not expecting you? I could see my grandma banging on the door anyways. Oh lord. What do i do?? Im stressing. So basically i want limited visitors at the hospital, time with baby and SO alone, and no "drop-ins"

I dont know how to say any of this without being rude and i dont know how i can make sure my mom isnt pushy and overbearing.