Please help me I can’t do this anymore

My husband cheated on me twice. The woman he cheated with knew he was married and still did it. She had the nerve to message me very rude things so I know the person she really is. They talk everyday and even FaceTime. He doesn’t even try to hide it anymore and my heart can’t take it. I’m so broken and lost. Yet I still have love for him. We’re separating in May. That’s my only option. We weren’t even married two months. He keeps using the excuse “I wasn’t ready for marriage or we got married for the wrong reasons.” But I know he’ll go be with her as soon as we’re separated. And I can’t take it. All I do is cry and panic because the man I loved told me he chooses another woman and he loves her. I don’t know what to do. I’m leaving so don’t tell me that. If you get a bad feeling or vibe from a girl your man is around. Trust it. I wasn’t wrong.

I want to know why he did it. Why I wasn’t enough for him. I literally did everything I was a good wife. And I would’ve never cheated on him. But here I am wasting my love on someone who doesn’t deserve it.