Black Sheep/Scapegoat

Curious to see how many other people truly believe they are the black sheep and/or scapegoat in their families... I know I am in mine. They never fail to remind me of that.

Black Sheep: A member of a family or group who is regarded as a disgrace to them.

Scapegoat: A person who is blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes, or faults of others, especially for reasons of expediency.

Currently locked myself in the bathroom, crying on the bathroom floor, because my aunt has decided she wasn’t happy with me defending myself when she grouped me into a negative opinion/situation that had ZERO to do with me. She did it last night, over the same thing, as well. I decided to have a couple drinks with my dad while he’s in town. Yes, I’m an adult and she still assumes I should respect her because she’s older than me, regardless of the blatant lack of respect she has for me. Anyways, my dad’s dog was in his truck, because she refuses to allow him in her house. She grouped me into “y’all” when speaking to my dad about how “we” assume she’s going to take care of him since we had a couple drinks. My dad was going to take him to his friends house while my dad is in town, because of my aunt not allowing the dog in her house. I got upset, obviously, because it’s not my dog so why am I being grouped into a “y’all” manner when I did nothing and did not assume anything because none of which is my responsibility. I simply said he’s not my dog, so I didn’t assume anything. She deemed it necessary to also tell me how inconvenient it is for me to be staying here with them since my home was destroyed in the hurricane, and that I’m not her kid so it’s not her responsibility. She managed to drag my father into it saying I need to move in with him after he buys a house because she “promises I’m not allowed here” and if they don’t buy a house soon then she is going to force me to move back into my destroyed home that has no power to it and a caved in roof. YAY! This incident isn’t the first. She is the one most guilty of pushing blame on me for anything that ever goes wrong. She has got everyone else in the family fearful of standing up to her, so everyone stays back as “their dog isn’t in this fight” and watch her time and time again belittling me, and don’t say a single thing. I stand up for myself and call her out, and it makes things worse. She thinks that since nobody is defending me or backing me up, then they’re on her side and she is validated in her actions and words towards me. So since I’m the only one speaking the truth on her behavior, it’s overlooked as me being a drama queen or throwing a pity party. It’s SERIOUSLY out of hand. And I’m truthfully over it. So in a way, I’m seeking stories of other people who are treated similarly and have been granted the unwarranted role of the black sheep/scapegoat.

Anyone want to comment their experiences and stories on how they are the black sheep and/or scapegoats of their families? Or how they escaped these situations and unwarranted roles?

I’m here to listen to anyone else that needs to vent, and relate to!