Struggling with skin issues!


Just curious if anyone else’s Oct ‘18 baby is having skin issues? My little guy is just a mess and the doctors ruled out allergy or eczema and just said it’s due to seriously sensitive skin. It just feels impossible to keep it under control and protect him from irritants. Currently using Glaxal Base cream after the coconut oil regiment didn’t do the trick. Humidifier helps a bit with his congestion and flaking

. Seems like the extra moisture adds to his cradal cap though :(

Never had these issues with my daughter and it makes me so sad to see his beautiful skin inflamed. Any tips or tricks welcome. Please share your stories/pictures!


After starting daily baths (I was against this because I believed it dried the skin out more) and regular applicators of glaxal base cream we are finally seeing some improvement. We also turned on the humidifier over his crib at night time. We will follow up with the doctor in the next couple weeks and see what she says about his skin again.