Too dependent on my boyfriend

Recently I have noticed I depend on my boyfriend too much for my happiness, I’m overly needy I don’t go out much with my friends purely because I would rather be with him. If we argue it’s always me begging, crying, wanting to sort it.

With him it’s completely different (in the beginning the roles were switched he was the needy one) nowadays he would rather go out with his mates then me, when we argue he doesn’t care to sort it, he would rather sit on he’s phone then actually talk to me.

Of course at points he does get needy and when he does I actually get excited as if like omg he wants me he wants my attention. He is the best bf but I just feel lately he’s been very distant and when we first got together he loved that I put him in he’s place when we argued but now when we argue I crumble I’m not how I was in the beginning at all.

Is he going off me?

How do I stop depending on him for my happiness?

How can I want to be more independent?