Low TSH in pregnancy... need advice


I am almost 14 weeks pregnant but I saw my doctor at around 9 weeks and had labs done. I was never called about my labs but had requested them myself. I finally got them today and my TSH is 0.02. Which is super out of range! I have been borderline hyperthyroidism and my mom has hyperthyroidism (it runs deeply in my family). Anyone have this and have a healthy pregnancy? I know there are other labs that have to be abnormal for a diagnosis of hyperthyroidism but I didnt get those results back yet.

I am just so scared reading the internet of course and seeing that it could cause miscarriage and pregnancy complications. And I'm sitting here wondering if my babys ok and freaking out if I had a missed miscarriage for no reason.

And I'm fuckin PISSED no one called me. I left them a message a couple weeks ago asking if any my labs were abnormal (i was concerned i had a UTI) No one called me so I assumed it was all ok. I would of appreciated being told about this.