Please no judging

So, hubby and I were messing around.. Blow job and then some foreplay for me and then we began to have sex.. He finished but told me to keep going for a little bit because he likes me to come over and over... So, I was just doing my thing and suddenly he pushes me off and there’s fluid everywhere... clear/yellow fluid.. I started to lose it cause I’m 24 weeks pregnant and I thought my water had broke... but then he suddenly says “I don’t know why that happened.. I just peed”


I know this is a very odd thing to happen (and embarrassing thing to happen... poor dude won’t even look at me)... but what the heck? Has anyone had this happen? Or heard of this? Also, what are the risks for this? I know I probably need to talk to my midwife but I just can’t begin to explain to her what happened.... please no judgement.. this hasn’t ever happened before. I know it’s odd but I need to know if this is even possible?!?