Losing My Damn Mind! 😫🤯


Okay, this isn’t even important, and I’m assuming I’m not the only one, but can we just commiserate together for a moment?

I’m so happy to be in my second trimester at 16 weeks 2 days. I think I’m even starting to over come my morning sickness (holla!). I don’t feel as tired and I’m feeling pretty decent. Which I SHOULD be happy about.

INSTEAD, I’m losing my mind on if my baby is doing alright. Am I just obnoxiously paranoid? Or is everyone else going through this? Like my poor mother listens to me gripe and she thinks I’m crazy. I think that’s mostly because when she had her four children there wasn’t nearly as much access to her unborn children as today. There were no private ultrasound companies to pay and see your baby pretty much whenever. Or baby Doppler’s.

I find myself poking my belly trying to see if I’m really “bumping” or if I’m just fat. Pressing my abdomen trying to convince myself that it’s hard and that’s my uterus and growing baby (which it probably it is). I just am not cut out for this not knowing shit lol. I bought a baby Doppler cause I couldn’t take it any longer, but it still hasn’t showed up.

And then, as much as I love this app and as much as it helps me it also adds to my paranoia occasionally. Like honestly, I reasonably know that more than likely my baby is fine. Many women feel great and “less” pregnant in the second trimester. But I keep seeing more and more posts about people feeling their baby and then that little voice pops in my head “why haven’t you felt your baby”? Which once again, I KNOW most women don’t feel their baby till 18-20 weeks. But do I want to listen to reason...noooooo. I think I just need to know other women are starting to feel “too normal” and are getting paranoid too lmao. Misery loves company! 😬 Feel free to vent your worries.