My husband is so helpful, except when it comes to actually helping me with out 4 week old. I ask him to change her diaper in the middle of the night because I FINALLY was able to lay down from feeding and cuddling and I have not yet gotten to sleep. He huffs and complains... 9/10 times I wind up just doing it myself. He sleeps so soundly that he doesnt even hear her cry. Last night he actually tapped me and told me to wake up because she was being fussy... I was awake and already trying to console her.

Then I feed her this evening and ask him to hold her so I can take a shower, he comes in to the bathroom halfway through my shower (maybe 10 minutes later) to tell me that she needs me because he want get her to stop crying... he tried bouncing, burping, patting, rocking, shushing, changing her, the only thing he can't do it feed her because she is EBF. Then he gets mad at me because I take her from him and she stops crying. I try telling him to be patient and continue trying and not just switching what you are doing so quickly and he gets mad at me again telling me that he does try things longer, when I have watched him, he quits after she doesnt immediately stop. He answer is to just put her down and let her cry. Whih he did for 5 minutes of the 10 I was in the shower.

Rant over. :/