TTC Supply Ideas


As someone who battled and overcame infertility, I know how difficult TTC can be. My cousin (who I consider a sister) is getting married in the Keys and we will be down there doing a bachelorette party. Myself and her sister in law both had fall babies with baptisms the weekend of Thanksgiving and my cousin keeps joking it will be her babies turn this Thanksgiving. I know they’ve been TTC with no luck already and everyone is well aware she wants to “start” as soon as they’re married. So...I’m going to put a TTC bag together for her. I’m going to do Preseed, prenatals (She was using the ones I didn’t finish so I know she will be okay with them), ovulation tests, pregnancy tests, condoms with a note that says I poked holes in them (as a gag) since they never use condoms...ever, and I want some more things to add. Any suggestions? I am flying to the Keys so I’d prefer things to be able to fit into a smaller sized gift bag. She has been a little depressed over not conceiving lately and no one else knows she was trying, they all think she’s waiting until after the wedding, so I just want to cheer her up and I know she’ll love this.