My pretty quick labor! 3rd baby

Nikki • 🇨🇦 Mom of 3 boys. Baby #4 on the way 🎀

This is the birth story of my most recent third baby boy.

**At home**

It was a Friday morning, 1 day before my due date. I woke up to my SO alarms (he has 3 of them!! 😫) at 6:40 am and went to pee. Got back into bed and lid there for a few minutes with him and I felt a sharp pain. After having a couple more quite painful sharp pains, I got out of bed, told him to get the bags and call into work, you ain’t going in!

Thankfully his grandmother was staying here for a few days because it was close to my Due date to watch the kids just in case (thank goodness she did). I Called my midwife and off we went for a 30 min drive (an eternity) to the hospital.

**At the hospital**

We arrived at approx 7:40 and I was 5/6 cm. My midwife arrived shortly after and my contractions were about 2 min apart so I asked for the “laughing gas mask” to help with pain. Before I knew it I was pushing and my water broke and after a few pushes he was out! Born at 8:40 am just 2 hours after my first pain.

Now I did hemorrhage quite a bit afterwards. They think most likely because the labor went so fast. So my iron dropped very low.

But there’s my birth story 🙂


My 7lb 13oz bundle of pure joy 💝

• 6 Months later •