Terrified of labor. Any tips to get over that?


I'm sure this sounds as stupid as it gets so bear with me... as someone who works in the medical field (specifically surgery) amd has seen up close and personal a csection I'm pretty chill with the idea of having a c section. The spinal does scare me quite a bit but the whole experience does not otherwise. Because I know what to expect.

My docs obviously want me to labor and be induced and all that happy horse crap. This is uncharted territory. I am so scared of being induced and laboring it isn't funny. Like I'm in hysterics right now thinking about it. I'm scared of the epidural/spinal either not working or not being put in the right place. I'm scared they are gonna have to break the sack or strip my membranes (idk I've done some research). I'm scared she will not fit through my pelvis or that I eont dilate. I dont exactly trust the doctors in my practice. I didn't have much of a choice in doctors with my insurance.

How do I get over this fear? I just want my c section. It's really not that bad. Ya recovery is supposedly harder but I would rather have that than to be scared of of my gourd the entire time I'm in labor.