Is it ok for guests to change the thermostat?


Ok so quick backstory, my husband and I keep our thermostat between 62 and 64 in the winter. We are in Utah. Yes, it is cold. We just wear socks and jackets in the house and when I’m sitting down I have a blanket on. We aren’t so poor that we couldn’t afford to have it a few degrees higher, but our house is poorly insulated so we try to keep costs down. We sleep in the basement which gets a lot colder in the summer and warmer in the winter. So we sleep comfortably. When the heat is higher, the basement feels like a million degrees.

Then enter guests who are sleeping upstairs. Well to be polite hosts (or so we thought), we turned the heat up to 67. Come to find the next morning they had turned it to 70! My husband and I had been sweating all night. I was honestly shocked that they had the audacity to change it. They aren’t family. We were just doing a favor for a family friend to let them stay for a few days.

Now a couple things in their defense, she is pregnant (which I didn’t know prior) and has a young boy. But I provided extra blankets in case they were cold.

Am I being unreasonable and they are justified in changing it? I know 67 is cold for most people, but we had already put it higher than normal in anticipation of them staying with us.

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