Would you accept or decline?


So this “friend” of ours, who I’m honestly growing more and more irritated with, asked us a few hours ago to watch their dogs till the 4th as soon as we get home from visiting my family. They were supposed to go up to Delaware(we live in nc) on Friday for the new years and come back the 1st. So I’m just like.... ummm did they leave their dogs alone?! One that’s so irresponsible of them as dog owners and two how shitty can you be to pawn your dogs off on others cause your having so much fun?! So I’m pissed, my husband wants us to take the dogs and I’m not having it. These dogs jump onto all of their furniture, have chewed through entire window seals AND the couches all the way to the wood frame. They pee and poop everywhere and she’d like crazy. We JUST got back to our home after being displaced by hurricane florence and have brand new furniture, so I’m boiling hot that they would put us in this situation. Come to find out they never went up to Delaware and were banking on putting us in a bad situation to watch their dogs as soon as we got back so that they could then go up 😡😡😡 my husband is like I don’t want to watch them and I don’t want to have to drive 30 minutes one way multiple times a day to take care of them, which I don’t blame him, but they are our friends and we are they’re number one people to go to 💀 all I heard was we are the people they screw over and put into the worst situations just for their benefit, cause they do, and I could’ve throat pinched my husband when he wanted to say yes. I told him flat out NO, we aren’t watching them and you can tell them I said that. It is not our responsibility to take care of some untrained wild dogs that will destroy our home because they want to be shit friends and even worse pet owners. So my question is would you have done the same or would you have watched the dogs?