Serious question.. need input please..

Brii • 22. Engaged. 🐱🍷

This story starts when I turned 22.

I realized that a 21+ year old is optionally, but suggested to have a Pap Smear. Being a year late, at my last general checkup, I decided to make an appointment for it.

A bit of back story, my periods are pretty normal and I have that “Uh oh...” feeling the very second AF starts. I just know to run for the rest room. Normally, I get brown blood a few hours to days before, and the first day is moderate cramping and bright red blood. Normally, I’m sitting on a heating pad the first day and the day before I was most likely crying. From there, it gets painless/non-emotional and lasts for around 5 to 7 days. Not bad.

But, the day before my pap, I knew my period was coming. I hoped it wouldn’t. I was experiencing too much brown. I read that the results could be skewed by the presence of excess fluid, so I decided to postpone my appointment because of my brown discharge. The discharge at that point had lasted for more days than normal, but I blamed it on the stress of the situation. I have anxiety disorder, but I am properly medicated for it. Stress shouldn’t technically be a problem because I had been on my meds for over a year.

I ended up getting the pap a few weeks later and all of the results came up fine. No problems and I actually wasn’t stressed during the... swabbing?

Fast forward a few months later, I am still having irregular periods. My last couple periods have been ghostly. The only thing that has proved my period was red blood and clots. No pain, no mood swing, no symptoms. This is very unusual for me. My last period was 12 days early. Finally, where I am now is 15 days late.

Currently, I’ve had brown blood and clumps for 15 days since <a href="">eve</a> said I should have started my period. I know exactly what comes out of me because I use a menstural cup, but no fresh red period blood. I haven’t had a single normal period symptom in months. So, now that I’m 15 days late with brown blood.. I am concerned. My fiancée and I barely make love (maybe once a month, sad I know). I haven’t had any other unusual symptoms at all. I have been in no pain, discomfort, of nauseas-ness.

So, to wrap this up, I have questions. Is something wrong? Am I pregnant? Should I be worried?