Childless at 40

Melissa • Lover of history, books, movies & tv, travel...About to be a first time mom at 40!!

Sometimes I’m ok with it but sometimes not so much. I always thought I would be a mom. I’ve always been a nurturer and I love kids. I just have never gotten pregnant. I always put it off because I thought I would have plenty of time and I’ve never been one with a big sex drive. I’m on my second marriage, I’ll be married 13 years in April. My husband could take or leave having kids. I was trying a couple years ago and I got a positive test but it turned out to be a chemical pregnancy. I got burnt out on trying and just decided I was too old to have kids. My sister is now pregnant with her fourth child and she’s 43. It’s at these times that my heart hurts that I’ve never gotten pregnant or had any children of my own. Does anyone else struggle with this? 😕