Prayers please!


I get this isn’t about pregnancy or anything like that, if everyone that sees this would send prayers this way for my grandmother and my son. My grandmother is back in the hospital again. She was first in there about three weeks ago and she had to stay for fourteen days because she had pains in her knees (her knees are bone on bone) and both of her feet swelled up pretty badly and she had a really bad UTI. She got out and on Christmas Day she couldn’t move to go to the bathroom. She couldn’t move her legs and she could barley stand up. I had to call the ambulance to come get. She has to stay in the hospital again for another fourteen days. And Saturday I took my son to the doctor and he’s got RSV and an ear infection. He doesn’t feel good at all. If y’all could pray for them it would be very appreciated. I’m so stressed out from everything I’ve had a migraine for two days now, but I will be fine.