No I won’t take care of your child

Friend asked me to babysit for 5 hours straight and I told her nope. I could not do it, her child does not get a long with mine and I just don’t have the patience. She is a little brat likes to treat my daughter badly will not play with her if she doesn’t get her way but when my daughter shares her toys and is being nice and tries to play with her toys the little girl throws a fit and starts snatching them from my daughters hands and throwing them. She will jump on the couches, put her feet on the table will climb everything!!!! Not to mention friend let’s her talk to me however she wants, will say rude things and mom thinks it’s funny... I haven’t heard from her since and that’s fine with me. Stopped liking you once I heard you call my daughter a bitch don’t know why I let that shit slide maybe because you were on something, which you seem to be on daily now. Glad I said no!