Is it bad to ask my ex for sex when he’s in town visiting?

So my ex is in town, and I’ve asked him to hook up multiple times, the sex is amazing and I trust him to be clean and I mean he knows everything I loveee🤤. Well my friend thinks it’s wrong and it will make the breakup even worse and bring back old wounds. But yet again he’s only in town for a week and I don’t see what’s wrong with a little bit of fun before he goes back to living 7hours away🤷‍♂️am I right?

I’m just curious to see yalls opinions. I don’t want to make the breakup worse at all because it’s been hard but I’m trying to keep feelings aside while he’s here and only talk about sex and or talk about what we’ve been doing life wise with everything.

We have hooked up twice since he’s been here but we’re supposed to see each other tomorrow sometime because he leaves the next day and so I’m thinking about canceling my plans to get some but on the other hand maybe I shouldn’t.

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