Pissed and taken advantage of

Well someone I know got a call at like 3 am yesterday. From an old friend he had for years. She’s older and called him cuz her daughter and the daughters baby daddy were fighting and the baby daddy stole the girls phone. And his sister and the girl started fighting and my friend who Went over there to try to talk to the guy. The cops came took the girls to jail, and threw the guys in handcuffs for a few min but let them go. Then went with his friend to bail the girl out of jail then come to find out that his car was towed from the lady’s house cuz she lives in a duplex and the person in the other half of the house called it in. So anyways last night I tried to be nice after getting asked if he could have a ride to the west side. To borrow some money so he can get his car out of the impound lot. I guess the person who he wanted to get the money from was running late from getting off work and lives 40 min away. That’s far as hell from I live and where I was picking him up from which was his moms house. It prob felt worse and made me more mad cuz it was late and I had to be up early this morning . and it was late by the time we got there. It wasn’t even worth it just for $40. So I’m pissed that I missed dinner with my family just to play a waiting game for a favor for someone who got their car towed for a situation they should have just said no too. Would anyone else be mad too if they got asked to do a favor and they had to be up early and it got delayed and it wasn’t close?