Do your kids or did you as a kid get to go to the "grown ups NYE" party?

I saw discussion on Facebook about how children shouldn't be at adult New Year's <a href="">Eve</a> parties, some people said that it wasn't really appropriate and other people said that their families have always done it and they don't see a problem with it. I personally don't have a problem with it because my family was one of the families that always had children at the adult party mostly because my baby cousin's birthday is New Year's <a href="">Eve</a> so it would always be family and friends and their children at the party so we always played together and drink sparkling cider and would eat the little hors d'oeuvres that my aunt would put out. We had a lot of fun, obviously it's sometimes we would fall asleep before the ball drop and other times we would be able to stay up our parents didn't care either way because if we stayed up then we would sleep for a really long time the next day and if we fell asleep that was fine by them too. I'm not looking for this to be a heated discussion I'm just curious to see how everyone's New Year's <a href="">Eve</a> traditions very and the reasoning behind the variation in tradition, I want this post to be fun so please no arguing.

Happy NYE💕

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