You got this mama! ❤️


There are lots of posts on here about how bad everyone is feeling, whether with nerves, sickness, tiredness, bloating, depression... I just wanted to say, no matter how bad or low you are feeling, you got this, mama!

You are growing a human! It’s amazing but hard work, and people seem to forget that!

Give yourself some time to relax and just slow down. Don’t neglect self-care- in fact this is the most important time when you should be looking after yourself! Need a nap? Take one! Want to lie on the couch in your jammies eating ice cream all day? Do it! Don’t fancy going to that drinks thing being hosted by your SO’s sister? Don’t go!

This is YOUR time and it’s the most precious time. So many woman feel they need to do it all and carry on like before but if you’re not feeling great, don’t feel like you have to! You need to look after NUMBER ONE because you’re looking after NUMBER TWO!

If you need help and support, then tell someone. Your SO, family, or a trusted friend. Just having some understand how you’re feeling and why you’re not yourself can help enormously.

And whilst you might not feel like it, know that this will pass and soon you will have a BABY and it will all be worth it!

So keep going you fabulous amazing mamas! 😊❤️👶🍼