Meth heads thief

I needed a place to scream! I am so sick right now bare with me a sec. My husband and I bought a new house to make a better home for us and my mother. We had been living with her to help her out so when we left we took her with us. She has been sorting 30+ years of stuff. We lived in a nice neighborhood next to a little old man. The man got so old that they moved in his grand daughter who is a meth head. The old man died and the girls boyfriend we didn’t know at the time is a major known criminal. Well we discovered Christmas <a href="">Eve</a> that this guy broke in stole allllll kinds of stuff😡. We have been lucky enough to recover a lot but of course there is a lot we will likely never see again. Hind sight is 2020 😕

One little piece of advise I have for you all EVERYTHING in your home that has a serial number and worth anything take a picture and create a photo album. That’s what I am going to be doing.

I thought my mom had things of value moved out but it turns out she didn’t 😕😢 I have 6 siblings but I have been only one working it seems like non stop trying to balance that with work, family, sons activities, and creating a kitchen for my mom in the new house to have her own space. The thieves stole weapons instruments jewelry stuffed animal and ssssoooooo much more. I wish I would have been there when they tried 🔫🔫😡 I feel like it all could have been prevented but I feel it’s partly my fault cause I couldn’t get it all out sooner and I stoped to have fun/enjoy my family 😔😣 stupid druggies 👿