Question about Pelvic Pain and Ovulation


I’ve been off of birth control for about six months now, my husband and I trying for our first, and for the last two months I’ve had some pretty moderate pelvic pain on my right side. I kind of just had an “a-ha!” moment and thought to check back on my calendar, and it is falling 1-2 days after the estimated ovulation day the app is giving me.

So I’m wondering if this is ovulation pain? I know there is a pretty big chance that this is what it is, but I’ve never had these pains before, even before I was on the pill, so I was curious to see if anyone else had them and knew what it was.

To be more specific, it is a sharp ache, kind of behind my hip bone on the front side of my body. Always the right side, not the left. I thought it was muscular last month (I do a good amount of weight lifting) but this month I know for a fact it wasn’t anything I pulled in the gym. It’s also tender when I have sex, or it was last month, haven’t tested that theory this month.

Any guesses, ladies?