Im scared & I did this to myself.

*posted in another group but I seriously need some reassurance/support right now*

December has been a rough month. My mom and I fought A LOT, we found out my dog had bone cancer at the end of November, had to put my dog down December 24th, and the 29th my siblings and I encountered a scary moment where we found out our uncle is a pedophile, and now I’m sick. I was afraid that I had pneumonia again. With the stress building up, I snapped. I hit my head on the wall and it gave me a headache. It’s gone now but keeps coming back and only lasts for seconds. I went to the doctor today (December 31) to make sure I don’t have pneumonia but didn’t tell them I hit my head because my mom is afraid they would put me in a mental hospital. They checked my neck and back of head like they always do, and didn’t express that something was abnormal. I didn’t mean to hit my head against the wall from stress and anger, I haven’t done that in a LONG time. My mom isn’t sending me to a mental hospital but she did remind me that I could end up immobile if I damage my brain since my corpus callosum never formed while she was pregnant with me. She reminded me that I need to take care of myself because after all, I was supposed to be bound to a wheelchair— unable to feed myself or walk. I’m just scared that I did something to my brain. I’m scared I may be internally bleeding or something serious. My mom thinks I’ll be fine but I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to “un-scare” myself.